Making Data Pipelines in R: A Story from a Self-Taught Perspective

When people first learn about R’s capabilities to create fully integrated systems, automated visuals, and seamless data pipelines, the reaction can span from disbelief to amazement…

Meghan Harris


July 27, 2022


R’s expansive capabilities can leave some feeling overwhelmed when tasked with larger projects like data pipelines. This talk invites the participant to hear the perspective of a self-taught R user who used curiosity and patience to create a functional data pipeline in R for a local health department. Specifically, this talk will touch on the following concepts:

  • Surveying Data Landscapes
  • File Structures
  • Saving Yourself with Data Validation
  • Modularizing Code and Connecting R Scripts
  • Thinking about Pipeline Sustainability
  • Remaining Calm in Unfamiliar R Territories”


The slides for the presentation is available on GitHub here.

Recorded Presentation

This presentation was recorded and is now accessible on the RStudio::conf(2022) website here

Talk Materials and GitHub Repository

This talk has a supplemental GitHub repository that can be accessed here