Making Functions For Rtistry

The Functions in Rtistry workshop will dive into using functions to create, add variation to, and streamline generative art pieces made in the R languageā€¦

Meghan Harris


May 24, 2022


While you donā€™t have to be an R expert to attend, some of the material expects that the viewer has a basic understanding of using the ggplot2 package and functional programming basics in R. This talk will go over the benefits of using functions from Base R and the Purrr package, different types of functions that can be created for generative art, and more. The workshop will end with a live coding rtistry session that viewers can follow along with. The code created in the live coding session will be available shortly after the session on GitHub.


The slides for the presentation is available on GitHub here.

Recorded Presentation

This presentation was recorded but the link has not been provided by R-Ladies Johannesburg yet.

Talk Materials and GitHub Repository

This talk has a supplemental GitHub repository that can be accessed here