An Introduction to Rtistry Using ggplot2 in R

If you’ve ever seen pictures of generative art made in R and wondered if you could ever create art like that, the answer is “Yes.”…

Meghan Harris


January 13, 2022


In this introductory presentation, we will briefly go over the basics of creating generative art in R (Rtistry) using the ggplot2 package. This presentation will go over the common geoms (geometries), aesthetics, layering, and functions that can be used for Rtistry creation. The presentation will conclude with a live code review session of one Rtistry pieces. Full annotated code will be shared with participants for further practice and use.


The slides for the presentation is available in a PDF format here.

Recorded Presentation

The recorded presentation for this talk is available on YouTube here.

GitHub Repository with Example Code

The example R script for the live-coded piece for this talk is available on GitHub here.