Collages and Patterns: Making Art in R

Have you just started creating generative art in R, or are you interested in starting? Have you tried to start the process but couldn’t wrap your head around how to do it? If so, “Collages and Patterns: Making art in R”, might be of interest!

Meghan Harris


October 12, 2022


This talk will briefly introduce the concept of creating generative art in R (Rtistry) but then focus on a concept that seems to allude most: how to create the data required for generative art. While knowledge of generative art is not required to attend, this talk does assume that attendees are comfortably familiar with the tidyverse, especially ggplot2. Attendees will learn some basic concepts involved in creating collages and patterns in ggplot2 by focusing on the logic required to generate randomized and non-randomized data sets for their rtistry! All scripts, slides, and talk materials will be available for use and review at the start of the talk.


The slides for the presentation is available on GitHub here.

Recorded Presentation

This presentation was recorded and is now accessible on YouTube here

Talk Materials and GitHub Repository

This talk has a supplemental GitHub repository that can be accessed here